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Naturally, I love soft asses and tits way too much to ever go completely over to the other side, but I do have a thriving interest in dabbling.

Anyway, I have to sound like a n00b, but does anyone have any thoughts on my situation or any kind of guidance they could offer?  

I really appreciate any kind of conversation on this.  :) 
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Ok, I was just curious about something in the dream realm... do you dream about the same or opposite sex (when/if you ever have sexual dreams), or both?  I know this can be a personal topic so I understand if nobody posts, but I was just wondering.

I usually dream about guys, but in a "bad" way b/c usually I'm being forced into doing something that I don't want to.  Like, it feels "good"  physically, but I feel ashamed and like I have no choice.  But sometimes I dream about girls, too.  When that happens I'm usually, like... intrigued and we kiss, and it's happy. Sometimes we go a little farther, usually if that happens it's with J.  :)  But I've never actually had an experience with a girl in real life so maybe that's why my girl dreams usually don't get too far.

Anyway, I was just wondering if you guys have dreams about just the sex you normally like, or the opposite, or both... I thought it could be interesting. :) 


Hi there, everybody! I'm new to this community (and LiveJournal in general) so if I do something stupid, feel free to correct me and/or beat me over the head with a baseball bat. :)

Uhm....so I have a little problem, and I need some advice. I'm a lesbian, and I've come out to my friends, who have no problem with my sexuality-however, I'm scared to tell my family, especially my dad. He has made it clear that he think homosexuality is wrong and that anyone who isn't straight will burn in Hell. 

How can I come out to my parents without feeling afraid to do so? I'm afraid that they'll kick me out if I tell them. ):

Thanks muchly!
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let it go


I'd like to take a minute to welcome you all to our little corner of LiveJournal. I know that so far a lot of you are coming over from EvThreads and the "Calling all lesbians..." thread we have going over there, so you know how this works, basically. But just in case we have some people who haven't been over there, I guess I'll explain it a bit...

Basically, you can post about anything here. Ask for advice. Talk about your day, your life. Post things you've written. Just be yourself. On the surface, yes, this is an LBGT community, but that doesn't mean that everything you say here has to be limited to a discussion of your sexuality. We wanted to create a place where people could be open, honest, and feel safe.

The community is moderated, meaning that no one can join unless one of the maintainers approves them. Once we get through the initial phase of everyone from EvThreads joining, I may try to post up some sort of application or something, just so that we can get to know new members better before we allow them to join. wistful_nana_o and I have both been burned in the past by people claiming to be accepting and open, at first, so it's better to be safe than sorry. As of right now, posts are also moderated, that way we can weed out the abusive posts before anyone else even sees them.

Alright...I think that's everything I wanted to say, for now. I'm sure I'll be adding to this, and that wistful_nana_o will probably have some things she wants to add as well.

Happy posting!

P.S.-This will be one of the few posts that is left for public access. When posting, please choose the "Friends Only" setting. It will help us to keep out trolls. ^_^
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